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This is a cinematic feature-length documentary that will tell the story of SETI – the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence through the SETI Institute and METI International (Messaging Extraterrestrial Intelligence). You will meet  real life legends, Jill TarterSeth ShostakJon Richards and Douglas Vakoch, among others. Both Jill and Seth have been role models for spreading the word of science and inspiring future generations.

The film will take you to these scientists’ world of alien hunting, where extraterrestrials and habitable planets are everyday subjects. What motivates them, day after day, and what does it say about humanity that we are so eager to find other intelligent life in the universe?
“Earthlings Calling” will tell two parallel stories. One where we follow Jill, Seth, and Jon in the search for an ET signal at the SETI Institute, who over the next two years will initiate a search for over 20,000 nearby stars (red dwarf stars).
The other parallel story is the one where we follow Douglas Vakoch’s quest to begin broadcasting signals from Earth, where he will gather a team of experts with the goal of starting the process of sending messages from Earth two years in the future. As the film progresses, we will see how Douglas start his own organization METI International, where we follow the creation of a brand-new team of international as they begin creating a message from Earth to be sent out to nearby stars in hope of an alien reply.

So, is ET out there? This fundamental question is the driving force for our characters. So far this question has no answer – it’s a final frontier for the imagination based on our own dreams and nightmares.

The film takes place as we are entering a new space age, a time when one of the oldest questions – “Are we Alone?” – could actually be answered.


Directors/Cinematography: Per Bifrost and Alexander Rynéus
Producer: Malla Grapengiesser
Length:  ca 90 min

With development support from:
The Swedish Film Institute
Filmbasen/Film Stockholm
Film in Dalarna
Konstnärsnämnden / The Swedish Arts Grants Committee


Selected for Twelve For the Future 2014/2015
Selected for the 15 edition of the MeetMarket., Sheffield 6 – 11 June 2019. 62 projects have been invited to pitch from about 500 submissions.